• 81% of

    evangelical Christians

    voted for

    Donald Trump

    Whatever political party and platform we support, that’s our gospel. We lose our identity as Christians and simply identify as an ‘R,’ a ‘D’ or an ‘I.’

  • There are over 300,000 churches in America.
    There are over 400,000 kids in the foster system.
    Today nearly 112,000 of them are

    waiting to be adopted.

    We’ve got a Biblical call to care for the orphan, but we don’t want messy, and foster care is messy. Jesus was constantly going to the messy places in life.

  • 50% of foster youth will:

    Be pregnant by the age of 19.
    Be incarcerated within two years of aging out.
    Be homeless in their lifetime.

    Graduate high school.

    Now that that child is born, are you going to be out in front of the government building demanding budgets for food and schools?

  • Whether or not abortion is sinful, we are not agreed. But about the necessity and permissibility of it, we are in total accord.

    Christianity Today, 1968

    While I respect the religious ideal of protecting unborn life, the political side of me knows the true pro-life narrative.

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